Stitch Fix April

So during the holidays I stopped Stitch Fix and started it again so I got one in April.  It was by far the worst one I’ve gotten.  I kept one shirt and only because I didn’t want to waste the $20 styling fee.  Here goes…

#1 Kailani Lace Dress – SENT BACK

The style of this dress is generally one that I like but this one wasn’t cute on or off.  I usually feel thinner in this style but I felt much larger in this dress.  On top of that it was $128 which is just crazy to me unless I have something specific I need to wear a dress to.

Kailani Lace Dress


#2 Emer Textured Cropped Straight Leg Pant – SENT BACK

I don’t even know if I have the right words to describe these babies.  They were AWFUL!  First, I specifically asked for no straight leg pants.. period.  Second, these were super high waisted AND flooding.  I’m even too embarrassed to show a picture of me wearing them so here is one of them on the bed.  Price: a whopping $98.  Ick!

Emer Textured Straight Leg Pants


#3 Elias Embroidered Blouse – SENT BACK!!

I could see this being ok on some people, I think.  Not so much on me.  It kind of felt like something from the 70’s but something that should NOT make a comeback.  It fit weird, the shoulders stuck up,.. it was just awkward.  The tank top you see is attached to the inside of the shirt. I haven’t owned anything that did that since the 90’s.  And $78 dollars… seriously?!  Mind. Blown.

Elias Embroidered Blouse

Elias Embroidered Blouse


#4 Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse – KEPT

This is the only thing I kept.  It’s honestly ok and I’ve worn it a couple of times but if I had a better option for using my styling fee I wouldn’t have kept it.  It was $44 so I had to pay an extra $24 after the styling fee they had already charged so it wasn’t terrible.  It feels good and doesn’t get hot and stuffy feeling (it’s HOTTT here in the south already).  I just don’t normally go for the flowy shirts that can make me look pregnant.. it’s a boob problem, not a shirt problem.

Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse

Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse


#5 Torris Multi-layer Beaded Cuff – SENT BACK

This is actually super cute and had the price been better I would have kept it.  I know I can find something very similar for much, much cheaper though.  $28.

Torris Multi-layer Beaded Cuff


stitch fix pricelist


While I didn’t like the things I got on this fix it was still fun and I like trying different styles.  They also redeemed themselves with the fix I just got this week.  I haven’t had a chance to take pictures and decide what I’m keeping yet but I’ll post as soon as I do.

Want to get your fix?  Click here!


December Stitch Fix

I’m super late on this one but I have my December Stitch Fix to show you.  I LOVED this one!


I asked for sweaters, cardigans, and long sleeves in general.  I also mentioned that a kimono would be ok since we don’t have bad winters here.  Most of the time it’s only a week or two of super cold weather and the rest is back and forth.  I got all of these things in my December Stitch Fix so they really listen to your feedback and suggestions.

First up is the necklace you can see in the picture above.  It’s the Laine Spike & Pave Tassle Lariat Necklace.  I didn’t get a picture of just it but I’m wearing it in most of my other pictures.  It was $34 and I do like it [A LOT] but I probably wouldn’t have paid that for it.  It worked out because I kept everything in my box so I got the discount 🙂

Next, the Paul Woven Back French-Terry Top.  It’s Market and Spruce brand and $64.00.

Excuse the dirty mirror.  I’m now embarrassed and going to clean it right after I finish typing this ha.


So this top is cute, comfy and I like the color.  The only thing I’ve found is that the back wrinkles really easily.  It’s made of a different material that’s slightly see through – I originally had it on with a black bra which was ok in the front but you could see it in the back.  Beige bra couldn’t be seen at all.  I’ve worn this a couple of times now and I found that if I hang it up directly out of the dryer it looks wrinkled but they fall out in about 30 minutes.  Yes, I dried it.  On accident and all is well.

My favorite – Sandra Distressed Striped Sweater.  It’s $68.00.

I was a little disappointed to see another black and white sweater since I got one in my last fix but I just love this one so much I kept it anyway.  It’s big and so soft!  It’s distressed as the name implies.

stitchfix3 stitchfix8

Close up of the side fringe/distress stuff it has going on.  Part of the shoulders are also like this.

Barton Graphic Knit Drape Front Cardigan for $58.00

I kind of love this too! It’s not too thick but still warm and will go with a ton of things I already own.



Dana Abstract Print Kimono for $48.00.

As you can see I didn’t put much thought into my wardrobe while trying these on and kept a white tank on for most of it.  You get the idea though.  This kimono is like most I’ve seen – thin and see through.  It’s cute and I like the colors plus I asked for one so I kept it.




So that’s it for my December Stitch Fix.  Since I kept everything and got the 25% discount for doing so (minus the $20 styling fee they charge when it ships) my total was $189.00.  What do you think?  Have you gotten any of these items in your Stitch Fix?

If you’re not signed up and interested in getting clothes shipped to your house at your convenience then click here!

Christmas Tree

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is ready for a fantastic new year!  We were so busy getting settled into our new home and celebrating our first Christmas together in it and as a married couple.  I was super sad as I took down our Christmas trees yesterday. I wish I could leave them up all year long without getting side eyed lol.  We bought a larger tree this year because our living room required one larger than we had in our apartment so I put the older one in our bedroom.  It’s actually the only room (besides the office area) that has a window so you could see the lights from outside.  I always love driving by and seeing the silhouette of Christmas trees and the lights glowing through the window.  So while I prepare my post for my last stitch fix (it came smack dab in the middle of the holidays) I thought I’d share my new Christmas tree.  Our older one was all blue and silver and I decided to do the new one in more of a white and rustic style.  My style is pretty eclectic so the tree probably is too but that’s how I’d categorize it anyway.


And because everything looks better with lights… 🙂


Some of my favorite ornaments.

I got this PEACE one while playing Dirty Santa!  It was perfect for my tree, I think.

christmastree3 christmastree4

I got the majority of the ornaments from Hobby Lobby while they were 50% off.  I bought 4 packs of bulbs (6 to a pack) and then a lot of random ones for $1-3 each (like the beautiful snowflake below).  I tried not to go overboard because I’d love to add some meaningful ornaments to it every year. I just needed a starting point this year.  I did get a few from Walmart like the owls and the above pine cone one.  I had a few bare spots and had some gold left over from a previous tree and put a few of those on.  I didn’t care for them much without lights but with lights I loved it!


I got 3 of these in various sizes from the candle/decor area at Walmart.  I thought they would fit in the with the burlap (craft section at Walmart for just a couple of bucks) and kind of rustic feel I wanted.  It made it less fancy, IMO.


And that’s it.. our first Christmas tree in our new home!  I’d love to see yours so comment or send me a message!  I never get tired of the holidays 🙂  Come back soon for my review of my last Stitch Fix… It’s been my favorite and I kept EVERYTHING!

November Stitch Fix

I’ve been meaning to write this post for 2 weeks but I have a good excuse for being MIA – we bought a new home!  We closed the day after I got my November Stitch Fix and have been busy moving and trying to get settled.  I’m not all unpacked but didn’t want to put this off any longer.  Plus, we finally got internet hooked up again! Yay!



So here’s what I got…

Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt: KEPT

I probably didn’t need this shirt but I kept it.  It’s cute, soft, and comfy.



Excuse the mess behind me.. in the middle of packing here.


Danika Zipper Detail Skirt: Sent Back

I didn’t get a picture in this because I have nothing to go with it.  Not my style but it fit ok.

Photo Nov 12, 8 34 00 PM

Jovan Diamond Geo Print Border Wrap Dress: Sent Back

This was ok.. a little tighter in some areas than I would prefer (hello hips!).  I’m the type that buys a dress when I need it for a specific occasion or I just fall in love with one.  If it were cheaper and not winter I may have kept it.  It did show a little too much of the girls for my liking too though.  Eh… sent back.



Ellison Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater: KEPT!

I love this sweater!





Johnny Skinny Jeans: Sent Back

I was a little disappointed they sent skinny jeans since I specifically asked them not to.  I just bought some and have plenty so I’d rather have some more boot cut/wide leg or none at all.  I also didn’t care for these at all.  They did nothing for my figure.  They’re similar in color to the ones I’m wearing with the first shirt.  I don’t even have a picture of me wearing them because I took them off so fast.

Sorry I don’t have prices and such for everything.  I think it may have gotten thrown away in the move.  I tried looking on the stitch fix website but apparently you can’t look at past orders?  I believe the shirt and sweater were around 58 each, dress was 78, and not sure about the others except jeans were too expensive lol.

Overall, I was much happier with this fix than the first.  Everything fit well which is amazing to me since this is all done online.  The stylist seems to have a better feel for my style now.  I try to be pretty open to new things too as long as it’s something I can actually use.  I’m already looking forward to my next Fix!  Interested in getting your own fix?  Click here!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge final results and review

I finished the AdvoCare 24 Day Challengee a few days ago so I’m here to share my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Results and review


I lost a total of about 7 pounds.  My weight was kind of fluctuating between a 2-3 pound difference daily so I went with the average of that.  On the high side of it I could say I lost 9 pounds.  The pounds isn’t the best part though – it’s the inches!  The arm and thigh measurements are from one side but it was the same on both.

Upper Arm (you know, that flabby trouble area we I have):  1 inch

Mid Arm/Bicep area: 1 inch

Chest: I don’t take this seriously because it varies depending my cycle but about 1.5 inches

Waist: 2.5 inches

Hips: 2 inches

Thigh: 1.5 inches

That’s 9 inches total if you’re only counting one arm and thigh, not to mention the areas that aren’t measured.  All of my pants that were getting too tight now fit again and some are even too loose.  That’s a HUGE deal for just 24 days!

I think my review is pretty obvious.  This stuff works and I’ll be sticking to it for sure!  I’ve stayed on the MNS 3, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Spark. I’m ordering some Catalyst and Thermoplus to add in as well.  I’m fairly sure I’ll be doing another cleanse as soon as I’m able to (90 days from the start of the first one).  Especially since we have all of these holidays coming up that bring candy, sweets, and delicious [not always healthy] food with them.

The only thing I’ve really missed is coffee and not because of the energy but just the taste and the feel of the warm cup in my hands… and smell, the smell is great! I’ve had more than enough energy from the Spark.  I also tried some Slam which I loved!  It tastes much better than those 5 hour energy ones (or any other brand I’ve tried), gave me lots of energy, and I didn’t feel bad later.   The day after my challenge ended I drank a third of a bottled Dr. Pepper and a Snickers. This used to be my breakfast a lot of mornings, well every morning when I was in school.  It was good but not as good as I remembered.  The Snickers was really sweet after not having much sugar for nearly a month.  I’ve been eating Quest bars and omg, sooooo good!  Best snack ever!  They aren’t cheap but it fills me up better than any other snack and takes care of any sweet tooth plus they’re healthy and challenge friendly.  I’ll be sticking to those for sure!  GNC had them buy 3 get one free and from what I’ve seen they’re always running specials on them.

Free Frozen Party Favors Bag Toppers Printable

I created these – Free Frozen Party Favors Bag Toppers Printable – for a friend and thought I’d share them here for everyone.  The idea is that you put [edible] snowman parts in a bag and hand them out as a favor.

Free Frozen Party Favors Printable preivew

Suggested Snowman Parts:

Marshmellows – 3 Large for body parts and optional 2 small for the feet

Chocolate Chips -3 or so for the buttons

Orange Tic Tac – 1 for the nose

Stick Pretzels – 2 for the arms

Candy Eyeballs – 2 for the eyes, of course.  Michael’s sells these as well as Amazon

While searching I saw many other options for building them so these are just my suggestions.  They can certainly be personalized.

I made these to fit regular sized lunch or sandwich bags.   I don’t have the snowman parts yet so I just printed and put on a bag to make sure it looked ok.  Here’s a shot of it printed – I actually had to print another because my printer is weird and always shrinks the page and adds it’s own margins.  Never fails that I forget about this and have to redo whatever it is I’m working on.

Free Frozen Bag Topper Printable

And stapled onto a snack sized bag:

Free Frozen Party Favors Printable


Last but not least the links to download either a jpg or pdf – or both if you’d like


Hopefully a few others can get some use of this.  Enjoy!!



AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Max Phase

I am now half way through the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Max Phase.  I did weigh and measure myself on day 12 but I’m going to wait until the end to share total results.  I’ve been slacking a little in the Max Phase but I still feel great and I’m not gaining anything – just not losing as fast as I was.

We had a lot of family things come up and people visiting from out of town.  Two dinners we went out to eat and since I didn’t choose the restaurant they weren’t the healthiest.  I ordered burgers at both (with sourdough bread) and cut them in half.  I was pretty full after a half and ended up not even saving the other halves.  I ordered sweet potatoes to go with them so not too bad.   We had a family wedding one day and I had lots of fruit there (maybe a little of the sweet dip with it), some of a cheese ball with wheat thins, and boiled shrimp (plain).

While at home I made some more whole wheat pasta with ground turkey and Barilla all natural sauce (as mentioned in this post).  I made this Keep It Clean Tilapia recipe and made enough to last several days.  They were so yummy and I’ll be making them more often – my husband loved it as well.  I’ve had some salads with raspberry balsamic dressing, lots of fruit, some raw nuts, and cucumbers to snack on.  We had so much going on I kept it pretty simple and was thankful for leftovers.

Now, during the Max Phase you take these MNS Packs of pills at different times throughout the day. Here’s an explanation of everything you’re taking.  I personally take both of the White Packets with breakfast.  You can take one with breakfast and one with lunch or both with lunch as well.

MNS 3 AdvoCare Flier

I still drink a Spark 30 minutes before breakfast (and with the first color packet), I have a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast (and take both white packets as mentioned above), then take the second color packet before lunch, and OmegaPlex with dinner.  The Meal Replacement Shake is so good!  It’s better than any other shakes or replacements I’ve tried.  I normally need to add ice and actually blend but these are great just shaking with water in a blender bottle.  I’ve heard others complain about them thickening up if you don’t drink it fast but I kind of like for it to thicken some – it makes it more like an actual shake.  I like it right away or after it’s been sitting so I’d see what works best for you.  I’m currently drinking the Chocolate because that’s what I ordered with my challenge.  The best part is it really keeps me full like I’ve eaten an actual meal.  I’m not a morning or breakfast person so I love them! I just ordered the new holiday pumpkin spiced flavor and I can’t wait for it to come in!

Advocare Pumpkin Spice MRS

If you’re interested in the doing the challenge the FB group I’m in has a group starting on November 3rd.  You’d finish the day before Thanksgiving!  I won’t be joining in since I’ll just be finishing up with mine and you can’t do the cleanses that close together.  I will be staying on track with the clean and healthy eating though.




DIY Halloween Yarn Wreath

I got this crazy idea that I was going to make us a Halloween wreath and then another for Thanksgiving and Christmas when they roll around.  I’ve been searching Pinterest for weeks for what I wanted to make and I finally decided on a yarn wreath with felt flowers.  This was my inspiration from Handmade Grace:

Halloween wreath

I couldn’t find a styrofoam wreath base that was big enough – I only saw 12 inches and I wanted at least 16-18.  I found a straw one and decided to use it but just left the plastic wrap on it so it was smoother and easier to wrap around.


After a few minutes I decided I clearly didn’t think this wrapping yarn thing through. It took so much longer than I thought it would!


I used tutorials found on Pinterest to make the flowers.  Here, here, and here (this was my favorite).  There are a ton of options if you just google it or search on Pinterest.  I did find that using hot glue to put them together was better than a needle and thread.  I did try both options since I found tutorials suggesting both.  Here is my almost finished wreath.  Everything pictured came from Michael’s.  The glitter balls were in the Halloween section but everything else is normal, everyday things.


I purchased a couple of black spider webs from the dollar tree and some glitter spiders from Hobby Lobby.  I did have one big glitter type spider from Michael’s but my cat ate it.  Seriously.  I spray painted the web white because my door is a dark color so the black wasn’t working.  Here’s my finished DIY Halloween yarn wreath (sorry for the crappy pics – all from my poor, broken iPhone 4s.  Plus this one was at night).


I didn’t take pictures of the entire process so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Days 4-10


Advocare 24 Day Challenge Days 4-7

As promised I’m going to give my input on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge days 4-7.  I’ve grouped these together because what you take each day is the same (as days 1-3 were).  These days are pretty similar to the first 3 days but you don’t drink the fiber drink and you take a ProBiotic Restore Ultra pill in the morning.   You still take the OmegaPlex at dinner and Herbal Cleanse caplets at bedtime.  I’ll skip all of the details in between since I covered those in my first post.

On my day #6 we had an employee dinner to go to.  Luckily, they served grilled steak, brown rice, and asparagus.  They also had caramel drizzled cheesecake in front of every single person from the beginning of the meal.  I had a few bites because I knew I’d probably go home and find something unhealthy to eat if I didn’t give in.  Honestly, I regretted it later though because I got so bloated!  Makes not cheating that much easier to know the effect it had on me.  The other days I cooked a baked pork tenderloin (from Kroger), some Lemon Herb Pork Chops, and I had baked tilapia one night when my husband was working.  The pork was for him because he told me he was tired of chicken ha!  Anytime the recipe says butter I don’t use it and I used extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil.  I also cut all of the fat off of the pork even though there wasn’t much to begin with.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed the fiber drink these days.  I was hungrier and a little more bloated than the first 3 days but otherwise felt great!  I’ve been trying not to weigh myself until I’m at least finished with the cleanse phase.  Even with the bloating I feel like my pants fit better already so I’m excited to see my end results.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Days 8-10

Ok, so I didn’t publish my post on days 4-7 so I’m just going to finish up through 10 (the end of the cleanse phase) and then publish at the same time.  I was busy making a Halloween wreath (I’ll share that later) and totally forgot but it was good to have my mind on something else.  I’m currently on day #11 and did not weigh myself yet but I’ll try to remember to do that in the morning.

Days 8-10 you continue taking the ProBiotic Restore Ultra in the mornings, you add the fiber drink back in at breakfast time, OmegaPlex at dinner and you’re no longer taking the Herbal Cleanse caplets at bedtime.  I swear that fiber drink is made of magic or something.  I’m now convinced I need to add more fiber rich foods to my daily diet.

I cooked Homemade Vegetable Soup and it was soooo good!  My husband said it was delicious too.  I’m glad I was able to find something that wasn’t chicken that he would like!  I used ground turkey instead of the suggested lean beef in the recipe.  It only called for 1/2 a pound so I had the other half left over to use for something else.  I ended up making some pasta with it the next day.  I used Barilla all natural sauce to mix with the turkey and cooked Barilla whole grain rotini pasta.   This was actually better than what I normally buy and make (Ragu in various flavors).   It didn’t make a whole lot and I really only planned to make enough for me to eat since my husband was at work.  There was a little left over that he ate as a snack and he asked a few times if I had anymore because it was so good.  I ended up making it again last night and have enough left over for today.  We also had a family gathering (lunch on my day #10) and I had turkey breast, pork tenderloin (obviously this is a family favorite), sweet potatoes, and some cream corn.  The corn is my absolute fav so I couldn’t pass it up since I won’t have it again until Thanksgiving.  I’ve seen others say they eat corn during the challenge and I think it’s just suggested to limit the amount you eat, not cut it out completely.  Since I haven’t had any at all I wasn’t concerned with enjoying it this time.

I know I’m not even half way through the entire challenge but I already feel worlds better than before I started it.  I have more energy everyday, no bloating at all, and I’m sleeping better.  I’ve always had a problem falling asleep at night. I’ll sit in bed on my phone for hours and hours not able to sleep.  I don’t want to get into a sleep discussion but I’ve tried no electronics, getting up and cleaning or something then trying again, reading, etc.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  This past week, especially in the past 4 days or so, I’ve fallen asleep with no problem at all.  Twice I fell asleep with my phone in my hand browsing Pinterest.  I wasn’t tired throughout the day either so it wasn’t from exhaustion or anything.  I really can’t explain it but whatever it is, I love it and I hope it continues!

Day #11 starts the Max Phase which continues until the end of the challenge.  I’ll give an update on it after I’ve made it through at least half of it.  If you’d like to read more about the 24 Day Challenge check out this link.

October Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  I just recently did so if you haven’t pay attention… They mail clothes in your style to your doorstep!  You can shop and try on from home… seriously!  If you’re like me and you hate shopping then this is absolutely amazing.  If you love shopping then I’m sure it’s still fun, too.

When you sign up you fill out this form about your size, preferred fit, style, and what you’d like them to send you (send me pants, I need more accessories, no shorts, etc).  You even select your preferred price range for each type of item.  It’s also suggested to link to a specific Pinterest board of yours so they can see what you like.  Then your stylist picks out items based on what you’ve told them and sends you 5 items.  If you don’t like them then you send it back within 3 days.  So what’s the catch?  Well, there’s only a small one.  You do get charged a $20 styling fee for each shipment.  But if you keep anything then that $20 is put towards your total.  You decide to keep one shirt that’s $28 then you only owe $8 and you send the rest back for free.  This $20 styling fee is only bad if you decide to keep nothing but out of all of the reviews I’ve read this never happens!

So I signed up and just received my first shipment.

October Fix Stitch

I’m going to share each item, the style card that goes with it, and the price.  Sorry, I don’t have pictures of me wearing them because of.. well various reasons.  The main being I don’t have a full length mirror.  I apologize in advance for my crappy iPhone pictures.  My 4s has about had it – I’m waiting on my iPhone 6 to get here and it’s taking FOREVER!


Item #1: Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer: Sent Back

Not my style at all and I think it looked pretty bad on me.  It would be great for someone who works in a professional setting.  I work in the health field and wear scrubs everyday.  On my days off and weekends a blazer just isn’t on my radar.  It’s nicely made and has potential but not on me!

Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer




Item #2: Campbell Cross-Front Knit Shirt: Kept

I had a hard time deciding on this one.  It’s definitely my style, soft, comfy, and fits well.  But it’s $48!  I asked them not to send me any basic shirts/tanks that I could easily find around town at a cheaper price but here it is.  I kind of loved it on though and with my $20 styling fee I already paid I feel like it’s a better deal.

Campbell Cross-Front Knit Shirt




Item #3: Alexus 3/4 Sleeve Polka Dot Collared Shirt Dress: Sent Back

It’s adorable, it really is.  But this cut/style of dress never looks cute on me.  I tried it on and again – not cute on me.  I think I would just love it on someone else.  It seems to be made well and is definitely long enough for a dress – at least on me but I’m kind of on the short side.  My stylist suggested it be worn with the blazer but that didn’t help in my case.

Alexus 3/4 Sleeve Polka Dot Collared Shirt Dress



Item #4: Rafie Chiffon Layer Sweater: Sent Back

Ignore my Shark Press & Refresh deal behind the sweater but if you don’t have one you should look into it.  It’s pretty great when you don’t like to iron or don’t have the space for an ironing board (that’s me!).  Anyway, the sweater….  it’s cute enough but made me look kind of boxy.  I feel like it took all of my shape away and was just blah.  The sleeves are kind of tight too but not terrible.

Rafie Chiffon Layer Sweater




Item #5: Garland Floral Print Infinity Scarf: Kept

I think scarfs are adorable but I don’t have much experience with them.  This one is nice and good fall colors so I kept it.  If I put it on and decide it’s not for me then I have a ton of people that would love it as a gift (hopefully they aren’t reading this).

Garland Floral Print Infinity Scarf



Total and discount price if you were to keep all 5 of these if anyone is interested:


Overall, I was kind of disappointed with what was sent for me.  I need to go back through my Pinterest board and make sure it really reflects my style before the next shipment is picked out for me.  I gave them my “My Style” board which I’ve been pinning to since I first got my Pinterest account.  I left some notes about each item when I checked out and let them know what I was keeping/sending back so I think that will help a lot too.  I know my stylist will get to know me and what I like as this goes along.  Plus, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t love it all because the husband may not love me spending $200 🙂

Interested in getting your own Stitch Fix?  Click here!